About Us

Giving Quality Anesthetic Care for Over 20 Years

Newport Harbor Anesthesia Consultants is an anesthesia practice in the Newport Harbor Irvine community. As a team we believe patient safety and comfort is a top priority. Our commitment to providing quality anesthesia care to patients begins with hiring highly qualified anesthesiologists.

Excellence in Anesthesia

As a doctor specialized in anesthesiology, he or she must complete four years of medical school and additional training in anesthesiology. Following this education at least one year of fellowship or internship is served. Many Newport Harbor Anesthesia Consultants further their education through specialized training in: pain management, cardiac anesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, neuroanesthesia, obstetric anesthesia or critical care medicine. We attribute our strong educational backgrounds to our ability to perform a variety of anesthesia techniques for all types of surgeries and procedures.

• general surgery
• orthopedics and sports medicine
• interventional surgery
• critical care medicine
• cardiovascular
• neurosurgery
• plastic surgery
• urology
• obstetrics
• labor and delivery
• endoscopy
• spinal
• podiatric
• ENT (ear, nose, throat)
• ophthalmology