Newport Harbor Anesthesia Consultants play a critical role to patients. Our anesthesiologists are dedicated to providing quality service, safety and comfort to every patient we care for. We are with patients throughout the entire peri-operative period: before (pre-operative), during (intra-operative), and after (post-operative) surgery.

Before surgery, we begin with a preoperative consultation. During this time you will provide your anesthesiologist with information related to your health. This includes any prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, medical history, allergies and any known reactions to anesthesia. It is important to discuss any concerns you have regarding your procedure at this time.

During surgery, your anesthesiologist will diagnose and treat any conditions that arise during surgery. During surgery they will monitor vital life functions and make any necessary changes to the patient specific anesthesia plan that was determined based on the preoperative consultation.

After surgery, a postoperative evaluation takes place and the patient is monitored until you are comfortable and anesthesia has completely worn off. Patients may experience side effects following their procedure, the most common being headaches and/or nausea. It is most often required and always best to have arrangements made for someone to drive you home and supervise you during the next 24 hours after surgery.


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